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What is Terroir?

So what is terroir?

In essence we have found that terroir means”sense of place”.  The French love to use this term all the time to describe the soils, climate, elevation, relation to wind patterns, amount of sun, setting of the vineyard etc… I also like to add the people making the wine.  A lot of these wine making regions have age old traditions and a so called “way we make the wine”.  That could apply to the yeast used or not used. The type of barrel program typically used if used at all. When the grapes are picked. What types of processes the grapes undergo after picking. What type of aging requirements there are for the wine? In barrel or in bottle? Is it left to sit on the “lees” ,the dead yeast matter that gives some wines a fuller body or mouthfeel along with a biscuity appeal.

When we combine all of these aspects we find that wine really does have a “Sense of Place” – Terroir. This is why a Sauvignon Blanc from France, California or New Zealand will have characteristics that are distinctly different.

We find this intriguing and a reason to keep looking for the next wine that shows it’s unique sense of place!





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