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It is almost summer. What to drink on the patio?

Wines have trends depending on the time of year. This is the same for beer. In the winter the hearty heavier wines and beers outpace their lighter counterparts.

So what are some fun wines to try for summer? If you are looking for the patio pounder as we say, then stick to a wine with a little less alcohol to start with. This will help you in the long run. Next, for reds try to find wines like Pinot Noir that are not as heavy in tannins. The tannins create that gritty feeling on your gums and gives the wine  structure. This is not something you want a lot of when enjoying the heat of the hot summer sun while waiting for the rack of ribs to slow cook to perfection.

A great alternative is Rosé wine. These are wines made from red grapes that have the pink hues that remind us of White Zinfandel. But unlike White Zinfandel these are dry wines that are not sweet for the most part. Why are they pink? They don’t let the skins stay in contact with the juice very long. So the wine has the great flavors of the grape but not the gritty feel of the tannins from the skin. And they pair with a vast range of foods.


White wines trend high in the summer. Classic Sauvignon Blanc with its grassy notes from France or Grapefruit from New Zealand. It is a refreshing clean summer wine. Chardonnay is a  tricky wine as it can present itself in a few styles. One being heavy in mouthfeel with a buttery vanilla taste. It can also be clean crisp with a green apple like taste.  I prefer the latter in the heat of summer.

Finally there are some lesser known varietals that I really enjoy. They all have there quirks and differences but I would suggest giving them a try for the summer patio. These include but are not limited to, Godello and Albarino from Spain. Fiano, Verdicchio or Soave from Italy. Marsanne, Rousanne and Viognier from France. Torrontes from the Salta region of Argentina. And Santorini from Greece. Again, these are a few odd balls if you are feeling adventurous I would recommend giving a try for something different.

If you have any types of summer wines you really like and would share, just leave a comment. We’d love to hear what they are.

If there is ever a question regarding wine, The Bottle Room is here to assist you in finding an answer.


Justin Rutchik –  Making wine more approachable.



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