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Say Cheese! A Market of all Markets in France

I had the luxury to visit a quaint little place called Chateauneuf Du Pape, ever heard of it? While at our bed and breakfast stay, run by an Austrian named Andreas, we were directed to a market beyond the scale I have seen in the States. It was Isle sur la Sorgue. With it’s Venice appeal and tight old world alleys my wife and I gazed around every corner in amazement. Linen lined spice buckets, wheels of cheese, baskets full of countless types of olives and old deli sausage only seen in Europe, allowed no empty space to exist. The nice part is that you can test drive any of these delicious products before giving a full commitment. My weakness, CHEESE! Go figure, I’m from Wisconsin. I am not a man of many words to fluff a story. I do, however, with confidence, pick out  what I feel are obvious highlights. One such noted case was the vibrant colors that pulled me in in the first place. The christmas tree green of pesto filled goodness or eye catching fire engine red of a tomato basil round was to say the least captivating. Once offered a slice of this still unknown piece of heaven I fell immediately. The flavors popped without restraint. Pesto and Tomato basil like never before. The texture was elegantly creamy with a silky finesse that coated the inside of my palate. Even after the cheese was consumed the pleasure continued to ensue for many minutes after it was gone. After returning from dreamland I realized the Frenchman who was selling this cheese had presumably asked me several times what I thought. I just asked him, “how do I get this back home”. Now I meant how do I get this into The Bottle Room so I can share this experience with my guests, whereas he thought I just wanted a slice. So he said,” Easy, I will vacuum wrap it for you, good for six months”.  Without hesitation I picked out a slice size for each and he sealed them up for a safe flight back to the U.S. It wasn’t that long ago we pulled our little slices of heaven back out and relived our moment in a Market place called Isle sur la Sorgue.

[caption id="attachment_15" align="aligncenter" width="300"]DSC_0411 Cheese at Isle Sur La Sorgue[/caption]




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