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Good wine is not just in the taste of it.

Robert Parker Jr , the famed wine critic, has a list of 8 things that make great wines great. One line on that list states that the wine should be interesting not only to the palate but also to the intellect. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. If a wine not only tastes great ,but has an  intriguing  way it is made or how it came to be, that really adds to the experience and mystique. Look at the Lanzarote wines. The terroir for this wine is unique world wide.lanzarote-vineyard MG_7264_1-1920  This region has winds that constantly come from the same direction, a lava landscape that makes it look like something from another planet and wines that are subtly refined and crisp with fantastic finesse on the lips. Understanding the conditions that the grapes must be harvested from and the quality of wines produced brings the experience and enjoyment of what is in the glass to another level. So when you drink your wine, try to find out more about how it came to be. It is amazing what you can learn and how it will elevate your wine tasting experience.


Justin Rutchik- Owner of The Bottle Room

Making wine more approachable





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