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Craft Beer is buzzing

If you read news about the beer industry you find that overall beer sales are down, but craft beer sales are on a huge upswing. New small breweries are coming to life and those that have been in the game are expanding their operations. The American palate is craving flavor in the form of ever changing thought out recipes of craft beer.

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So why the buzz?  One reason is that the small production of 6 million barrels or less and owned independently by the people brewing the beer. Less than 25% of the shareholders in the company can be a member that is not a craft brewer.  Making an environment that requires creativity to stay competitive.

Since 1978 when making beer at home became legal to the early 1980’s when breweries were allowed to serve on premise with food, creating the first brewpub. Craft beer exploded. So much so there was a correction with the amount of brewpubs in 1998. After this correction the breweries had a more stable growth introducing a steady flow of new brands to market. And along came the curiosity of the beer consumer.

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Now we have chocolate stouts, bourbon barrel aged beers, Saisons, Doubles, Triples, and the ever so  intensely aromatic IPA.  Yes, some of these beers have been around for ages, but I believe it is the craft brew movement that is giving crafted beers like those the belgian monks made hundreds of years ago new life.

In summary, craft brewing has put a unique twist on traditional brewing to accentuate flavors in beer. Brewers of todays breweries are more like Chefs creating a gourmet beer for your tasting pleasure. Enjoy the adventure.

Justin Rutchik – The Bottle Room



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