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A discussion on wine making, specific wines and wine regions of the world.

Glassware – Does it matter?

As Maximillian Riedel says, the glass is the messenger.  So does it matter who is delivering that message. I certainly think so. So many times I have gone to fine dining establishments with the intention to get a nice bottle of wine to share with the table. The wine list is superb. The bottle looks […]

What is Terroir?

So what is terroir? In essence we have found that terroir means”sense of place”.  The French love to use this term all the time to describe the soils, climate, elevation, relation to wind patterns, amount of sun, setting of the vineyard etc… I also like to add the people making the wine.  A lot of […]

Holiday Wine Picks

  With the holidays approaching so much emphasis is put on what wine to pair with “the” holiday meal; but there’s a lot more to the holidays than just one meal.  Out of town guests, holiday work parties, engagements, gatherings and so much more. The question now begs – what style of wine is right […]

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