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A discussion on wine making, specific wines and wine regions of the world.

Good wine is not just in the taste of it.

Robert Parker Jr , the famed wine critic, has a list of 8 things that make great wines great. One line on that list states that the wine should be interesting not only to the palate but also to the intellect. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. If a wine not only tastes great ,but […]

Grüner Veltliner

Schloss Gobelsburg – A winery noted for its Grüner Veltliner and Rieslings. This particular Grüner Veltliner is amazing for the price. Clean crisp stone fruits supported by a fantastic fuller mouthfeel that coats and last for an extended time. I love this wine on the patio while talking with friends. Pair it with a fruit salad […]

SATA, assessing wine my way

When I assess a wine there are many different elements that come into play. Yes, what fruit components, earthy herb or other aromas waft into my sense of smell. The weight of the wine in my mouth, or the finish after the wine has left. These all add to what I call the CORE of […]

Washington Wonders- Gems to be found

Washington Wines I recently had the pleasure to sit in on a Masterclass Series with Master Sommelier Matt Stamp. He just recently visited Washington State and was eager to show what gems there are to be discovered in this frontier of wine. Although dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the trend is leaning on experimenting […]

It is almost summer. What to drink on the patio?

Wines have trends depending on the time of year. This is the same for beer. In the winter the hearty heavier wines and beers outpace their lighter counterparts. So what are some fun wines to try for summer? If you are looking for the patio pounder as we say, then stick to a wine with […]

Appellation or AVA? What are these?

When you go to your local wine shop, such as The Bottle Room, you may find wines with references to places like Bordeaux , Alexander Valley, Mosel, Rioja, NAPA Valley on the labels. Where are these places and why are they on the label? Well in the OLD WORLD ,or what is considered mostly Europe, […]

Vintage, my wine tastes different.

Vintage- it’s the date in which the grapes were picked to create the wine in your glass today. Looking at a bottle of wine that you have purchased and tasted and loved for the last year now has a new date stamped on the front. Does that even matter Justin?  Well, for some mass produced […]

Wine Wonders?

The world of wine is thousands upon thousands of years old. So it makes sense that over this time it has evolved into a seemingly complicated and mystical drink. With different grapes, styles and processes to make wine across the globe, understanding the differences can be at first glance overwhelming. Simplistically speaking wine can be […]

Wine Temperature? Why do you chill my red wine?

I am often asked why we serve our red wines at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  My comical response is a reference to a saying by one of our wine reps. ” A red wine should always be served at room temperature, and the temperature of the room should be 60 degrees”. Well why is that the […]

What does “Dry” wine Mean?

Wine presents itself as a bit of a mystery. I often feel that it is this mystery that makes people hesitant to talk about it. One topic is dry wine. What does this mean? How can a wine be dry when it is made of liquid?  Well to put it simply, dry is the opposite […]

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